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We aim to develop a unique form of advertising medium through an exclusive way of visualizing various brands on tea/coffee cups.

Coffee Cup Ads
Tea Cup Ads



We are special, and here is why

  • Innovation

    We make classy, high quality ads on tea/coffee cups served in the general public and corporate employees. Your message is seen hundreds to thousands of times every day in the city. Our cups send clients directly to you because they promote only you.

  • Strategy

    Our strategy lies in service differentiation wherein we exclusively promote single brand in entire city and corporate offices making a unique proposition to the customers that can convince them to switch brands.

  • Resonable

    The existing print media does not offer reasonably priced standalone ads because they can't. Other media such as radio, TV (excluding the real estate channel,) bus and bench billboards etc. do offer exclusivity... but they're extremely expensive. Here's where ADs On Go enters the picture.


Branding services

Cup Ads mainly focuses to capture the consumer’s attention by way of privileged source of advertising on tea/coffee cups and thereby turning it into a marketing tool in the hands of the advertisers.

  • Tea/Coffee Cups

    Tea/Coffee cups offer a pinnacle benefit which allows the consumer to touch and feel a brand advertisement on a printed cup in their hand; feeling a warmth, while also feeling positive.

  • Juice Cups

    Juice cup, takes place over an average of 15 minutes of consumption, while consumers raise and lower the printed cups to eye level more than 20 times during consumption.

  • Tissues

    Because tissues are so useful and handy to have around, people gladly accept such a giveaway. That's the draw. There's just no replacement for this product. No one rejects a free pack of tissues.

  • Branding

    Unsure about the meaning of “branding”? Don’t worry! Branding is one of those marketing concepts that is a bit vague and can quickly become confusing, even for people who have studied marketing.



Ads On Go

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Placing Ads on Printed Cups also opens the door to social selling

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